Understanding management is crucial for corporate managers, and to facilitate this, we have meticulously crafted a series of training modules covering Quality, Environment, Health and Safety, Food Safety, Information Security, and Chemical Management Systems.

Our training modules are designed with flexibility in mind, offering different durations to cater to diverse needs. We provide 1-day, 2-day, and 5-day training sessions, each aligned with various international management system standards.

Tailoring our offerings to specific audiences and course durations, we also provide customized training solutions to meet the unique requirements of corporate clients.

Here is a snapshot of our training sessions:

  1. ASCB Accredited ISO 9001 (QMS) Lead Auditor Course – 5 Days
  2. ASCB Accredited ISO 14001 (EMS) Lead Audit Course – 5 Days
  3. ASCB Accredited 45001 (OHSMS) Lead Audit Course – 5 Days
  4. Training on ‘Internal Auditor to ISO 9001 (QMS)’ – 2 Days
  5. Training on ‘Internal Auditor to ISO 14001 (EMS)’ – 2 Days
  6. Long Training on ‘Internal Auditor to ISO 45001 (OHSMS)’ – 2 Days
  7. Training on ‘Integrated Management System (QMS & EMS)’ – 1 Day
  8. ‘Sustainable Compliance Management System (SCMS)’ – 1 Day

For course availability, schedules, and enrollment, please click here. Elevate your understanding of management with our comprehensive and customizable training programs.