FairCapacity Program

Reducing labor risks through better production planning and transparency.

The FairCapacity Program (previously Supplier Capacity Program) aims to improve production capacity measurement and forecasting practices to reflect the true costs of production and to incentivize good purchasing practices to relieve unrealistic time and price pressures, often unfairly borne by workers.

Sustainable Management System Bangladesh is pleased to be the local implementation partner for this project.

Transparency and traceability, productivity planning, purchasing practicies, working conditions, unauthorized subcontracting”

The FairCapacity program impacts a wide variety of issues.
In today’s global apparel industry, factory managers often have to sacrifice worker safety and wellbeing to fill orders and meet deadlines. Common measures include scheduling excessive overtime, non-payment of overtime wages, hiring more workers than they can safely accommodate, and subcontracting to unauthorized and under-regulated facilities. Poor production capacity calculations exacerbate these issues as do price, time, and volume pressures from buyers.

Program Objectives

FairCapacity aims to address these problems through a comprehensive program to quantify the impacts of purchasing practices on supplier production capacity, improve supplier production capacity calculations, and improve labor performance.

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