Managing a manufacturing industry is a very critical job. Chemical management in our textile industries is one of the most critical parts of the management system as the chemical by nature can be dangerous for people, planet, product and property. There are different types of risks are associated with the chemical that we use in our textile and garment processes. Moreover, for the sustainable development of our industry and investment, managing chemical properly is a vital task for us.

The chemical management system is really a new concept to us but it is not new to the world. Due to the growing demand of different environmental groups and NGO’s the international brands became serious about the chemical management to protect our health and the planet.

There are number of brands and suppliers to the Brands already have started their chemical audits and may be your customer is drafting a letter to you for the same. We need to be ready for the Chemical Management System audit without any delay.

After getting huge inquiries from the factories, buying houses and brands we have designed a course to build internal auditors for Chemical Management system audit of the factories. These internal auditors may be very useful after the training courses to monitor and maintain a robust chemical management system

 Course Duration: 8 Hours

Course Objective:

After the completion of the course delegates will able to learn

  • Chemical Management System requirement
  • Chemical Risk assessment
  • Chemical management audit processes
  • Internal audits
  • Management Review
  • Corrective and preventive action

Course Content:

  • Terms and definitions
  • Management commitment to CMS
  • Documentation requirements for the CMS
  • Regulatory Requirements (Licenses/Permits)
  • Chemical procurement Management
  • Chemical risk assessment
  • Processes (MRSL & RSL)
  • Performance and Action plan
  • Roles, Responsibility and Communication
  • Training and Development
  • CMS Document and record control
  • Physical chemical management activities
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Monitor and Measurement
  • Chemical audits (Internal/External)
  • Management review
  • Corrective and preventive action
  • Chemical Management initiatives (DETOX, ZDHC etc.)