Chemical and waste management in our textile industries is one of the most critical parts of the management system as the chemical by nature can be dangerous for people, planet, product and property.

There are different types of risks are associated with the chemical that we use in our textile and garment processes. Moreover, for the sustainable development of our industry and investment, managing chemical properly is a vital task for us. It was a common practice earlier of discharging the chemical and wastes to the environment directly without any neutralization. Most of the production facilities are now improved and set up Effluent Treatment plant (ETP). But managing ETP and waste of the production facilities are a critical task.

Most of the social auditors, compliance personnel, vendors and mid-management needs to improve their knowledge about ETP and waste management to strengthen their capability to conduct the effective audit.

After getting huge inquiries from the factories, buying houses and brands we have designed a course to build their team for the effective operation of ETP and waste management.