Risk is everywhere; somewhere the risk related to life, somewhere the organs or somewhere the risk of losing the money. We are here to talk about the risk related to the occupation during the operation. We are concerned about the health and safety of the employees working in any company or processing unit.

All of your valuable brands want their products from a healthy and hygiene processing unit. None of the owner wants to see any accident in their factory. None of the worker wants to be injured during their work. Then why the accident happens very frequently? The answer is lack of awareness and competence of the workers, mid management and all the employees working in the factory.

We cannot make a risk free working condition always but we need to reduce the risk as much as possible. To reduce the risk, we need to know the risk first then we need to let others know.

Course Duration: 01 Day (8 Hours)

Course Objective:

After the completion of the course delegates will able to learn

  • To identify associated OHS risks with the processes
  • Type of Risks
  • Calculate risks level
  • Preventive measures to remove or reduce the risks

Course Content:

  • Introduction
  • Terms and definition
  • Different type of risks
  • Accidents in RMG sector
  • The cost of an accident
  • Determination of Risks
  • Preventive measures to remove or reduce the risk
  • Role of different levels of management