Topic: Improving Your Production Capacity Calculations


Production capacity is the maximum possible output of a manufacturing business, measured in units of output (i.e. shirts) per period (i.e. month). Many important business decisions depend on a company’s production capacity, so the accuracy of the calculation is critical. Accurate production capacity enables manufacturers to better plan and schedule their production, provide customers with more accurate lead times, and forecast their cash flow. However, many small and medium apparel manufacturers (SMEs) are not aware of what their true production capacity is. While many SMEs have rough estimates of their capacity based on number of machines and number of employees, these calculations do not take into consideration the full spectrum of inputs that influence production capacity (i.e. employee skill level, machine breakdown rate, turnover rate). In fact, in a survey conducted by SAI 100% of respondents (textile & apparel SMEs) indicated that their methods for calculating production capacity failed to take into consideration all of the inputs they knew to affect production capacity.

This training will provide you with clear instructions on how to measure your production capacity. We will review 16 inputs that impact production capacity and introduce you to SAI’s newly developed FairCapacity calculator. Further, this training will provide guidance and tips for optimizing and increasing your production capacity.

Apparel manufacturers (i.e. suppliers): This course is designed for suppliers who want to better measure and improve their production capacity. We recommend the following people attend: Human Resources, CSR, Compliance, Production, Planning and Control, Industrial Engineer, and General Manager personnel.

Date & Time: Mar 5, 2022 06:30 PM in Astana, Dhaka

Duration of the session: 03 Hours

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