Topic: Improving Labor Performance through Management Systems

Description: Socially responsible workplaces benefit businesses while securing fundamental human rights for workers. At SAI, we believe that management systems are critical for ensuring socially responsible workplaces. The goal of this training is to help suppliers understand and implement management system practices that are necessary for the continual improvement of labor performance in their company and supply chain. The training breaks down the concept of management systems into easy-to-understand components and provides participants with practical steps to help strengthen their company’s management systems.

Apparel manufacturers (i.e. suppliers): This course is designed for suppliers that are interested in improving and strengthening their managements systems and labor performance. The course is open to all suppliers, irrespective of their current management systems maturity. We recommend the following people attend: internal auditors, General Managers, and CSR and Compliance personnel.

Time: Mar 20, 2022 06:30 PM in Astana, Dhaka

Duration of the session: 02 Hours

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