Industrial Greenhouse (GHGs) Emission, Calculation and its Management

A variety of chemical compounds that act as “greenhouse gases” can be found in the Earth’s atmosphere. These gases allow sunlight to freely enter into the atmosphere and then trap infrared radiation (heat) that reflects back off the Earth’s surface. Greenhouse gases (sometimes abbreviated to GHG) that are most abundant in the Earth’s atmosphere.

An online interactive session on ‘Industrial Greenhouse (GHGs) Emission, Calculation and its Management’ was held yesterday. It was organized by Sustainable Management System Bangladesh.

The session was conducted by Mr. Md. Alim Miah, Lecturer, Dept. of Environmental Science and Engineering – Jatiya Kobi Kazi Nazrul Islam University, where more than hundred participants joined online on Zoom and thousand watched live on social media .

Mr. Alim explained vastly about the gases which are responsible for global warning how to calculate the exposure or quantity of them and then how one can manage them in a proper way. He also answered the question raised from the participants.

The session was streamed live to Sustainable Management System Inc. official facebook page.

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