Sharmistah Saha

Sharmistah Saha has 13 years of working Experience in large Multinational Companies especially in 100% export-oriented garments factories for both local and overseas areas under HR & Compliance department with a proven ability to manage administrative problems, people and situations, employee’s sensitive issues, analysis and solving problems. She worked at several companies building her skills in strategic HR development and Compliance part. Sharmistah Saha is very familiar with recruitment and employment, training and development, labor relations, benefits administration, and the development of organizational culture.

She is particularly experienced as a facilitator on health and safety, fire safety, social and environment requirements, CoC requirements, talent acquisition, and orientation with several HR relations.

In 2010 Sharmistah Saha was rewarded at the first position for her outstanding performance among 56 factories’ HR and compliance professionals on a 5 days residential training program named “Life Skill Education” conducted by BGMEA. She is a frequent and highly talented speaker on garments industry-related topics.

Sharmistah Saha holds a master’s degree in English language and Literature and a postgraduate diploma on Human Resource Department. She is not only certified as a Master Trainer from Alliance and BGMEA but also received several training such as ISO 9001:2015, SA 8000:2014, “Fire Safety”, Capacity Development on SMEATA Methodology, Labor Law course from Industrial Relation Institution, “Social Compliance for mid-level management”, Higg Index training and comparative study of Labor law 2006 and labor rules 2015.