Audit, especially social compliance audit is the most common term in our RMG sector. It will be really extremely exceptional if somebody related to this sector has no idea about the social, environmental or health safety audit. Every manufacturing unit is accepting at least 2/3 audits in every month. Sometimes Buyer or Independent third-party auditing company is conducting these audits.

In several cases, the auditee is competent enough in social issues but found not competent enough to respond audit team smartly. As a result of unorganized auditee situation and lack of smartness during audit, the desired result of the audit is not reflected.  We are here to talk about the common mistakes of auditee during the audit and the expected cooperation from auditee in different steps of the audit process.

Conducting a Social audit is an art and facing a social audit is an art as well. Auditors always expect a smart social compliance team to support them with all desired objective evidence and explanations so that the audit activities can be very effective and efficient. The initiative of monitoring business partners by the Brands, importers of retailers will only successful when the absolutely actual scenario of the auditee will be reflected in the audit report. Actual status of the auditee will only be reflected in the report when both the auditee and auditor will be competent and smart enough to communicate and understand each other.

Course Duration: Full Day (8 Hours)

Course Objective:

After the completion of the course, delegates will able to learn

  • Steps of the social audit
  • Major mistakes of the auditee
  • Basic minimum documentation for the social audit
  • The discipline of a Social Audit

Course Content:

  • Introduction
  • Social Audit Languages
  • Different type of Social Audits
  • Different international Social audit code/standards
  • Steps of Social audit process and auditee responsibility at each stage
  • Audit Documentation management
  • Understanding audit report