“Understanding Modern Slavery and Prevention through UNGP”

Slavery, the worst form of treating human being did not end with abolition in the 19th century. Slavery continues today and harms people in every country in the world. Women forced into prostitution, people forced to work in farms, domestic work and factories. Children in sweatshops producing goods sold globally to the modern citizens. Girls forced to marry older men or working at locked areas for long days to arrange dowry for the bridegroom.

It is estimated that more than 40 millions of people are the victims under modern day slavery and most are female in gender when we are talking about woman empowerment.

All these 40 millions are not out of the global supply chain. They are contributing to make the products of very prestigious brands. Sometimes, the brands has no clue about where and who are making their products in long supply chain.

We should not engage or support this modern day slavery in our supply chain. To prevent the modern day supply chain we need to understand, track and then prepare the action plan. This course has been designed for understanding modern day slavery, forms of slavery and the use of un guiding principles to demolish modern day slavery from the supply chain.

Course Duration: 01 Day (8 Hours)

Date : 11 May 2018, Time : 09.00 AM To 5.00 PM

Venue : Hotel Highgarden, House#40, Road#03, Sector#13, Uttara, Dhaka


Course Objective:

After the completion of the course delegates will able to learn

  • Understanding modern day slavery and it’s form
  • Idea about National and international regulations/legislations
  • Understanding UN guiding principles and it’s use to prevent modern day slavery

Course Content:

  • Terms and definitions
  • Forms of Slavery
  • How the victims are exploited
  • Available National and International regulations
  • Prevention of modern slavery based on UN Guiding principles

Training Method:

  • Multimedia Presentation
  • Group Exercise
  • Quiz