Day long training on ‘Modern Slavery’ held in Dhaka

Slavery is a state in which one gets subjected to some influence. It emerged from the very beginning of the world’s civilization. Now, in modern times, it has just changed its shape but not fully abolished. With a view of identifying and taking action plan against this evil according to national and international guidelines, USA based Management System Certification organization “Sustainable Management System Inc.” organized first-ever daylong awareness session on the time demanding modern slavery and its prevention. This session held in a Hotel in Dhaka yesterday, 11th of May 2018.

A total of 22 delegates from different RMG factories, brands, retailers and NGOs participated in the session while the session facilitated by the CEO of Sustainable Management System Inc., Mr. Abdul Alim, one of the established international trainer for human rights at work and management system.

During the session, Mr. Alim mentioned that from the perspective of Bangladesh, modern slavery exists in the form of forced and compulsory overtimes in the RMG industries and its supply chain. Child labours are exploited in many hazardous industries like the tannery, heavy engineering, transport etc, sexual coercion in different industrial workplaces.

The lead trainer discussed the prevention of this modern slavery in the light of United Nation Guiding principles (UNGP) for human rights in business. The prevention model designed through the three pillars framework of UNGP (Protect, Respect and Remedy), ILO Convention 29, Modern Slavery Act 2015, Universal Declaration of Human Rights Declaration (UDHR) and Dhaka Principles, the constitution of Bangladesh and other relevant international regulation.

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