RMG Times Best Practice Award 2018

‘RMG Times Best Practice Award 2018’ was held on 28 February 2018, while it was the second anniversary of RMG Times, in Dhaka while 8 good factories had been awarded for their best practices in the facility which are not legally mandated. About 300 senior professionals from RMG sector of Bangladesh attended during this event.

This vast program was sponsored by Sustainable Management System Bangladesh, Global Sustainable Certification Services (GSCS) Limited, USB Certification and Phulki.

The competition focused on 3 categories- (Environmental Impact, Social Impact and Economic Impact). The winners are Comfit Composite Knit Ltd (Environmental Impact), Northern Tosrifa Group (Environmental Impact), Echotex Ltd (Economic Impact), ACS Textile (Bangladesh) Ltd (Economic Impact), Snowtex Outerwear Ltd (Economic Impact), MAS Intimates Bangladesh Ltd (Social Impact), MG Niche Stitch Ltd (Social) and Knit Plus Limited (Social). 

Mr. Abdul Alim conveyed his gratitude to all the guests for attending to this ceremony and committed to working for the positive Bangladesh. He mentioned during congratulating the winners that the objective of the “RMG TIMES BEST PRACTICE AWARD 2018” was to make a wakeup call to the policymakers of the country to recognize the good practice and utilize this information to create a positive image of the country’s RMG sector all over the world.

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