Online discussion on How to restart an ETP after the Lockdown

Extracted from the environment, Water is an essential element in our life in such an extent that we can’t even think about moving a step forward without it. In the industrial sector the volume of water use is huge. That’s why waste water treatment method is used to reuse or leave the water through Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP). Due to the shutdown going across the country, ETPs have also been closed for while. How to restart them once the situation is in favor of the operation was the discussion point of the yesterday’s online session “How to restart an ETP after the Lockdown”.

The session was hosted by Sustainable Management System Bangladesh and conducted by one of the most renown waste water, ETP, STP specialists Mr. Mohammad Hasanuzzaman, Managing Director of Eco- Build Company Ltd.      

It was also live on the social media. Mr. Hasanuzzaman explained how to make it functional again as it was earlier, the things need to keep on focus during operating it. He answered the questions raised from the viewers and explained accordingly.

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