SMS facilitated awareness program on Harassment and Abuse at Workplace for 1200 employees of Snowtex

Snowtex Group is one of the largest RMG exporting manufacturing companies in the world based in Bangladesh. They have a huge strength of 12000 employees working for them. Snowtex has come forward with Sustainable Management System Inc. to make the staff aware about harassment and abuse at workplace, how it affects the production, how it ruins the name & fame of the factory along with brands & buyers, what are the responsibilities from employees end to eliminate it.

Sustainable Management System Inc. facilitated this project to train 1200 staffs, employees in 2 months. The number included supervisors, line chiefs, floor in charges, production management and mid-level to top management following a step by step process. Mr. Abdul Alim conducted the every session with 60 participants in front at the Green House training centre of Snowtex Group.

Mr. Alim discussed about the definition of harassment and abuse, type of harassment, how one is harassed. Then he points out how it does affect in the production of the company and ruins the good will. He also discussed about the responsibilities of the employees and how to respond if there is any harassment faced.

At the final sessions of this project the outcome of the previous sessions were discussed with the top management representatives to find a way out to get rid of this social evil-harassment and abuse to keep the existing status and good will to the world on the peak which will at the same time also make the daily life standard of the workers free and safe.

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